About Me


Hi, I'm Molly, the designer & maker behind Molly Archer Designs. I'm based in Derby, UK, and all of the work for my shop is done by me at home. 

I graduated Derby University in 2019 with a degree in Textile Design and by then was already trying to work towards my dream of having my own little handmade business. I originally started selling on Etsy and since then I have expanded to having my own website alongside.

My shop began with embroidery art which I have been practicing since I was in school, but I’ve since grown and began selling a range of other products including accessories and embroidery kits, and more recently, fabric. 
As a textiles graduate I have a huge love for prints and textures and my fabric range includes handpicked designs that I love, and know you will love too. 

I am very passionate about sustainability and I'm always aiming to become more eco-friendly as a brand. Most of my products are shipped in re-used packaging and I also try to use recycled fabrics where possible, especially when I'm weaving or backing embroidery hoops. I don't use any animal products in my work including the yarn I use for weaving which is usually 100% cotton or a cotton blend. I also try and look for materials and supplies that are second hand or unwanted to reduce my impact on the planet. I will always look towards doing more, and finding better, greener ways to run my business.